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Building Bridges with Greg Johnson - Podcast #2 - The Mormon/Evangelical Dialogue Begins in Denver

Over the last 25 plus years, a new dialogue has emerged between thoughtful evangelicals and Latter-day Saints that quietly began in Denver, Colorado on the campus of Denver Theological Seminary on March 15, 1992. That evening a forum was held to respond to the recent book, “Are Mormons Christian?” by Dr. Stephan E. Robinson of BYU. Four Denver Seminary scholars reacted to Robinson’s book before a crowd of about 400 people. That forum was later heard by Dr. Robinson who ultimately responded with a seven page, single space letter critiquing his critics, which ultimately led to a relationship between Robinson and New Testament Scholar, Dr. Craig Blomberg. Five years later, their landmark book, How Wide the Divide? was published by Intervarsity Press in the spring of 1997. Looking back, it all seems so divinely inspired while at the time this new conversation looked pretty meager. However, this early history has led to a movement, one tried and tested, reaching the most senior leadership of the LDS Church as well as the evangelical community. It’s a story only God could write and bless!

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