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Be Prepared - Vlog #5 with Greg Johnson

Just as we do in every area of life, being a Christian who is committed to sharing the hope that lies within them requires that we prepare for such opportunities. Just like a hiker has to prepare for their hike, or a host has to prepare for their dinner guests, or a builder has to prepare for their building project, Christians have to be prepared to share their faith. We need to be readers, listeners, and watchers so that we can learn ways to answer peoples questions in a manner that is respectful yet clear. We need to read the Bible faithfully, we need to read good books on basic Christian doctrine and theology. We need to listen and watch on-line sermons and podcasts from respected Christian leaders who can help us be better prepared to share our faith. We need to be committed to a local Christian Church where we can grow in our faith through weekly sermons and small group discipleship experiences. There is simply no substitute plan, we must study to show ourselves approved. I Tim. 2:15

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