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Building Bridges with Greg Johnson - Podcast #3 - Seizing Divine Appointments!

In life, we often approach random as well as scheduled meetings with other people as incidental realities of life. What if we all changed our perspective when it came to engaging with other people, either in random situations or scheduled? What if we all thought that my next meeting with whoever could be one of the most important meetings of our lives? Every meeting we have with another human being could literally change our lives, in good ways and sometimes in very bad ways as well. In today’s podcast, I discuss some of the most wonderful and strategic relationships I have in my life and how God orchestrated opportunities for me to step into that significantly advanced the Mormon/Evangelical dialogue. Understanding how we should approach every meeting and relationship engagement as an opportunity that could be life changing will open doors for you that you could never imagine. Check out Building Bridges with Greg Johnson to hear more about this amazing life principle.

“Are you seizing the divine opportunities coming into your life?”

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