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Holy Envy - Vlog #6 with Greg Johnson

Krister Stendahl, famed former dean of the Harvard Divinity School and the Bishop of Sweden is a known advocate for inter-religious dialogue. He once offered three guidelines or rules for honest and respectful dialogue between people of different religious beliefs. First, he advised that if you want to know about another person's religion ask a knowledgeable member of that religion and not simply a critic. Secondly, he suggested that when you want to know about another person to religion you should compare your best with their best and not your best with their worst examples. Third and finally, he suggested that we always leave room for holy envy. Holy envy is the idea that there is always something that we can honor, respect, or appreciate about another person's religious tradition, even if it is very different than our own. Holy envy allows us to be complementary and honoring of people who think and believe differently than we do. Holy envy opens doors to deeper conversations rather than building walls of separation that prevent authentic communication from taking place. Remember, always leave room for a weekend!

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