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  • Greg Johnson

The Gift of Friendship - Vlog #9

One of the wonderful reasons why every one of us should be willing to engage other people who have different thoughts about God and religion than we do is that when we build bridges to them we get to learn about them and make a new friend. In today's world, religious people sometime seem to be more interested in winning arguments than gaining a new friend. We think if we become friends with someone who believes differently than we do, then we somehow don't care about the different beliefs we have, which is totally not true. As a Christian, I should truly love Muslims, Jews, Hindus, people who just believe differently than me or even those who don't believe in God at all. My beliefs are not compromised because I share friendship with someone who does not believe as I do. I believe I am a richer person when I earn the trust of someone who expands my understanding of the world. Friendship is the gift of building bridges!

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