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The Journey that led to the book, Bridging the Divide - Gregory Johnson - Vlog #30

This week's vlog is about the story that led to the writing of a book. Dr. Robert Millet of BYU and myself coauthored a book together in 2007 called, "Bridging the Divide; The Continuing Conversation Between a Mormon and an Evangelical." What was once merely a public presentation between Bob and me that started in December of 2001, a presentation that we would make to audiences across America and in two foreign nations 65 times to the number, became the outline of our book. At the end of this vlog, I announce that for any and all comments about this video, I will be giving four books aways, two copies of Bridging the Divide and two copies of the great book that launched the Mormon/Evangelical Dialogue in 1997, "How Wide the Divide?" by Dr. Craig Blomberg and Dr. Stephen Robinson. Watch the vlog, leave a comment and you will be entered into the giveaway contest. You have until Friday, June 26 to post a comment. Hope we get lots of comments and please like, share, and subscribe!

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