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  • Greg Johnson

Trust and Honesty - Vlog #10

Everyone wants to be believed when they say something and no one likes to be accused of lying. In our dialogue efforts, sometimes when we talk to people with different spiritual beliefs, we may feel they are being deliberately vague or even hiding their actual beliefs in an attempt to establish greater affinity with you. This kind of communication can lead people to become suspicious and even believe that a person is lying to them about what they actually believe. This frustration can lead to conflict quickly, but it doesn’t have to. We can address this kind misunderstanding by building trust through asking honest questions. Instead of telling someone, “that’s not what you really believe or what your church teaches,” how about trying, “I’m a little confused by what you just said, can you explain that in greater detail or define that better for me?” Building trust is critical when engaging in spiritual dialogue. We can be effective communicators by asking good questions that take our conversation deeper before things become negative.

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