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  • Greg Johnson

Truth is Exclusive - Vlog #14 with Greg Johnson

Truth by definition is exclusive, it is either true or it is not. For instance, something cannot be absolutely true and not true at the same time. As well, one person's view of truth cannot be true if it is the opposite of another person's truth. Even though society embraces the idea that everyone is entitled to their view of truth, logically thinking this idea violates the law of non- contradiction. If Jesus said he was, "the way, that truth, and the life, and that no one can come to the Father but through [him]," then that statement is either true or it is not. It cannot be true that Jesus is the "only way" to heaven and that he is one way of many ways to heaven. The claim of biblical Christianity is that there are not many paths to God or many roads to heaven, but that Jesus is the only way through his grace and mercy. Do you believe this?

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