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Vlog #23 - Why Good Friday is called Good - Gregory Johnson

Why would anyone call Good Friday of Easter week a Good day? It certainly wasn't a Good day for Jesus. It was the day he was illegally tried in a bogus court, where he was mocked, spit on, slapped, rebuked, left alone in a pit all night long, scourged, crowned with thorns, rejected by His own people, betrayed by His most trusted friend, crucified between two thieves with nails pounded into His hands and feet to nail Him to an old rugged Cross. No, it was not a Good day for Jesus, but it was for you and me and every soul that has ever lived, because Jesus died on that old Cross for every sin ever committed, past, present, and future and He offers us the Great Exchange where He will take all our sins and give us all His righteousness so that we might be saved from our sins and welcomed one day into His Heaven. Indeed, Good Friday is a gloriously Good day where God seeks to have a one on one conversation with all of us about our sin, what He did to pay our debt, and what He offers us, eternal life with Him. Oh what a day, what a Good day!

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